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Free eLearning for Global Innovation Certification BETA

Announcing FREE eLearning for Global Innovation Certification BETA

I am proud to announce the launch of Innovation Tutors – your home for high quality Innovation eLearning, which will be delivered by recognized innovation thought leaders that travel the world delivering innovation keynotes, public masterclasses and corporate workshops.

We are excited to announce our first two BETA eLearning offerings, which we are providing for FREE for a limited time:

BETA – Global Innovation Certification
Nine Innovation Roles 101

And, we are proud to announce our partnership with the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) to bring you the referenced BETA – Global Innovation Certification eLearning AND…

There will be more eLearning for the Global Innovation Certification coming soon:

— Level 1 – Associate
— Level 3 – Manager

–> CLICK here for your FREE eLearning for the Global Innovation Certification BETA <-- PLUS, we will be bringing you our own in depth eLearning offering to supplement the certification training or as a standalone to provide your employees with a strong understanding of innovation fundamentals. So watch for the following eLearning and DVD to appear soon: — Innovation 101

So, please enjoy these introductory FREE Innovation eLearnings and watch for more extensive premium eLearning offerings coming soon!

Keep innovating!

P.S. If you have a need for an innovation keynote, public masterclass, or innovation workshop – Please Contact Us!

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