How to Create Personas That Matter

How to Create Personas That Matter

by Braden Kelley

When doing customer experience work, better to create a range of personas based on where potential customer journeys are likely to diverge and what their behaviors and psychology are.

To create more impactful personas, leave out the demographics and instead choose a collection of representative photos (one per persona), name each persona, and create a descriptive statement for each persona. This is enough. And it will leave you more room (and focus) left for the kinds of information that will better help you not just step into the shoes of the customer, but into their mindset as well. This includes information like:

  1. THEIR business goals
  2. What they need from the company
  3. How they behave
  4. Pain points
  5. One or two key characteristics important for your situation (how they buy, technology they use, etc.)
  6. What shapes their expectations of the company

Focusing more on what the customers think, feel and do will enable your customer experience improvement team to better understand and connect with the needs and motivations of the customers, their journey and what will represent meaningful improvements for them.

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