FLASH SALE – 50% off the best book for Digital Transformation and Change – 24 hours only!

Charting Change is Number OneExciting news!

The publisher of my second book – Charting Change – is having a 24-hour FLASH SALE and so you can get the hardcover version or the eBook for 50% off the list price.

I stumbled across this and wanted to share with everyone so if you haven’t already gotten a copy of this book to power your digital transformation or your latest project or change initiative to success, now you have no excuse!

Click here to get your copy of Charting Change for 50% off

Of course you can get 10 free tools here from the book, but if you buy the book and contact me I will send you 26 free tools from the 50+ tools in the Change Planning Toolkit™ – including the Change Planning Canvas™!

NOTE: This discount was only available on this specific day several years ago and is no longer available

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