Do you support #StrikeFastFood or not?

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Today is the big day for the #StrikeFastFood movement (aka #FightFor15), during which fast food workers will walk off the job in search of a living wage – in this case they are hoping for $15 an hour.

What do you think of this movement?

Do you support it, or do you think the market should decide?

And do you think they’re foolish for changing the hashtag for their movement in the last 48hrs from #FightFor15 to #StrikeFastFood?

(You might notice the title for the cartoon is #FightFor15 because I created it yesterday)

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One thought on “Do you support #StrikeFastFood or not?

  1. admin

    This was back in 2014. With all of the inflation since then, these same workers are going to need closer to $22/hr in 2022 just to afford the basics – and probably still have little or no healthcare, retirement, etc.


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