Philadelphia – Food Fail

Kraft Philadelphia - Food FailIn a continuing series of articles exposing the gradual degradation of our food supply, I’d like to highlight what used to be called Philadelphia Cream Cheese, but now you will notice that the logo has dropped the cream cheese phrase from the logo.

Why is that you might ask?

Kraft Philadelphia - Food FailWell, Kraft might say because they are trying to extend the brand into new areas, but I would also say that, hopefully, legally now (or soon) they can no longer call it cream cheese because really it is no longer cream cheese, but is now instead is a cream cheese spread.

Cream cheese is technically cultured milk (you can use yogurt) that has been strained of its whey and you can even make it at home using whole milk yogurt.

If you look at the ingredients of most cream cheeses, or sour creams, or chocolate milk and possibly even some yogurts, you will notice that one of the ingredients will be carageenan or some kind of tree gum like xantham gum or locust bean gum. Some of these products even though they are no longer the food you might think they are, you will find might even be labeled “All Natural.”

You will notice that if you get a bagel and cream cheese at Starbucks that the packet they give you is labeled “cream cheese spread”.

At least Starbucks is honest about it that they are not really giving you real cream cheese, but you will notice again the presence of a qualifier word – “spread” – just like honey sauce from KFC.

And if you have any doubts in your mind whether cream cheese can or sour cream be made without these tree gums, check out the products from the Springfield Creamery sold under the Nancy’s brand on the west coast:

Nancy’s All Natural Sour Cream
Nancy’s All Natural Cream Cheese

So, Kraft and Starbucks and others are unfortunately responsible for providing another terrible example of cost cutting gone mad, degrading our food supply again as a result.

What is your favorite food fail story?

Stay tuned for more high profile food fails…

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4 thoughts on “Philadelphia – Food Fail

  1. Jane King

    Still doesn’t have “Cream Cheese” in the logo; still contains carob bean gum and unnamed cheese culture. Causes allergic reaction for me, allergic to soy and soy-like products, such as seed gums. What can anyone do, when they advertise “5 simple ingredients” and “no preservatives”?

  2. Di

    Bought Philly recently. It has no taste. Just white paste. Even a great bagel doesn’t help it. Am allergic to legumes, so this bothers me as well. Yes, they went cheap-filler on us. Will not buy it again. We are a sick nation due to GMO and foods such as this one. Check your labels. Almost nothing to eat anymore.

    1. admin

      Tillamook has just launched an ACTUAL cream cheese – the only one in the supermarket I think – so that might be worth checking out. Unfortunately other Tillamook products (ice cream, Greek yogurt) are not as natural (tree gums, etc.)


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