Embedding Innovation

Distributing Innovation Knowledge for Innovation Success

Embedding InnovationIs innovation in your organization a project?

Or are you trying to embed innovation into your organization as a new core competency?

Is innovation part of the new business as usual you are trying to create for sustained growth?

If so, you must take real actions to not only create a culture of continuous innovation but to sustain it.

You must consciously and continuously manage two of the key tensions that often inhibit innovation:

  1. Exploitation versus Exploration – Maximizing existing revenue possibilities while also creating new revenue opportunities
  2. Executive Mindset versus Entrepreneurial Mindset – Unleashing your executives to create predictability and repeatability in the existing business while also unleashing intrapreneurs to create new businesses

To be successful in the long run, you must pursue operational excellence AND innovation excellence at the same time.

And you must provide your entire workforce with the tools and training to support continuous, sustainable innovation.

Ideally this would include:

  1. Creating a common language of innovation in your organization
  2. Communicating an innovation vision, strategy, and goals across the organization
  3. Creating instructor-led and/or e-learning with Human-Centered Change & Innovation founder Braden Kelley to set a baseline understanding in your organization of your innovation process and the innovation tools available to help stimulate increased innovation in your organization
  4. Give your employees a steady diet of innovation inspiration and education by embedding an RSS Feed (or feedburner) from Human-Centered Change & Innovation into your corporate portal or into your Idea Management System
  5. Get involved with the Human-Centered Change & Innovation blog to showcase the fantastic innovation work you are doing and to be one of the first organizations to get an inside look at what others are doing

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