Into the Top 80,000 Web Sites

Innovation Excellence - Into the Top 80,000 Web SitesIt is has been just a little over two months since we launched Innovation Excellence, and thanks to your great support, we already have cracked the Top 80,000 web sites on Amazon’s Alexa web site rankings – putting us in the Top 0.26% of the millions of web sites out there.

Innovation Excellence is home to more than 3,750 innovation-related pieces of content and brings an innovation community together every month from over 170 countries now.

At the same time we have passed 2,250 fans on Facebook, more than 5,400 Innovation Excellence Weekly subscribers and 9,100 members on Linkedin.

We are working very hard to utilize the platform we are building to deliver the very best innovation-related content to you that we can as often as we can while also giving you a place to connect with innovation practitioners from all around the world.

Share your innovation story, news, or video with the community at any time by joining our community and clicking the ‘Add Content’ option in the main menu at the top of the site. Innovation Excellence is home to 150+ contributing authors and growing.

Thanks to our growing sponsor list which includes Planview, Imaginatik, Clearworks, Hype, Kalypso, and others, we are able to operate and grow the site. The more sponsor dollars we are able to attract and directory listings we are able to sell, the more we are able to re-invest in gathering and sharing outstanding innovation content. Should your company become a sponsor or advertiser or list in our directory?

On behalf of myself and my other co-Founders Rowan Gibson and Julie Anixter, I would like to thank you all for getting Innovation Excellence off to a running start. The site started as a labor of love, and continues to be, and the more you can help others find out about the site, the more great content we will be able to attract for you.

For me personally, it’s all of you and your stories and my belief that innovation can help create more efficient organizations and societies that motivates me to get up at 5am every morning and keep the content flowing and the platform growing. So again, thank you for inspiring me!

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