Free Event – Social Product Innovation Summit

Free Event – Social Product Innovation SummitOn October 18, 2011 I spoke at a free virtual event focused on social product innovation, called coincidentally the Social Product Innovation Summit 2011. The event took place on October 18, 2011 but the sessions are still available.

This free, four-hour event offers opportunities to learn, discuss and celebrate the best uses of Social Product Innovation across the product lifecycle, including open innovation, crowdsourcing, expert identification, collaboration platforms, social product development, sentiment analysis and more.

Top industry speakers and winners from the 2010 SPIKE Awards will present real examples of success and attendees will have the opportunity to network with experts, vendors and each other to maximize value.

Sessions will be presented in a flexible, a-la-carte format. Attend the sessions you want, when you want.

In addition to featuring presentations and chats with several industry thought leaders, the event will also feature the announcement of the 2011 Spike Awards.

Here is a snapshot of the agenda:

11:00-11:20am – Trends and Insights on Social Product Innovation
– Jim Brown, Tech-Clarity

This session will introduce the use of social computing techniques to enhance product innovation and product development, including some exiting results from a related research project. The presentation will share some insights from the recent survey, discuss trends in social innovation, and help establish a common scope and language for our discussions.

11:20-11:40am – Get Real – Practical Starting Points for Social Product Innovation
– Bill Poston, Kalypso

This session will examine the various touch points for Social Product Innovation and the existing innovation and product development processes. It will also offer a pragmatic approach to getting started in the Front End of Innovation. Companies have tried to use open innovation initiatives to help drive growth through innovation, but they often end up being more costly and work-intensive than originally assumed. Semi-open innovation models like Virtual Private Expert Networks (vPEN) with a defined, contingent social network of external experts are a practical way to get started.

12:30-12:50pm – Connecting with Employees and Customers for Innovation
– Braden Kelley

Innovation is a team sport, and in this session we will take a look at how to engage your workforce and customer base in the innovation process by building engagement with these communities and ideally – loyalty. Engaging a broad cross-section of employees and customers can help you be more successful in identifying new value creation opportunities that will resonate with your customer base and help you attract new customers. Engaging your employee and customer bases can help you mobilize an army of eyes to drive your innovation efforts forward – but only if you’re ready to truly connect with them. Are you ready?

12:50-1:10pm – Web 3.0 – Your Product Innovation Strategy
– David Feinleib

Investor and entrepreneur David Feinleib will discuss the future of social product innovation – Web 3.0. Mr. Feinleib will discuss how integrating social and mobile into new products from the start will deliver a wider, monetizable audience, key customer insights and customer feedback and input for new products.

1:45-2:00pm – 2011 SPIKE Award Announcements

The event will culminate in the announcement of the 2011 SPIKE Award winners for the best use of social strategies, processes and supporting technologies to improve innovation, product development and product management. 2011 Winners will be announced for the following categories – CPG, Life Sciences, Technology, Manufacturing and People’s Choice. The winners will share their stories of success.

I hope to see you there!

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