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Free Innovation Keynote May 2nd in Seattle

Come Join Me May 2nd in SeattleOn May 2nd I will be the keynote innovation speaker for the Invista Performance Solutions launch event in Seattle, WA (well, Mercer Island actually). Invista is a partnership of Northwest Colleges dedicated to providing high quality workforce training to meet and exceed client expectations. Formed in July 2011, Invista has a strategic mission: To help companies gain a competitive advantage in the global economy by increasing the skills of their workforce.

I will be speaking about the attributes of highly innovative companies amongst many other innovation topics. Praveen Gupta will also be speaking, so two great speakers for the price of one, and that price is one that you can’t refuse – FREE.

There will also be an interactive session following the speeches.

If you live in the Seattle/Tacoma area, come join me on May 2nd.

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