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Innovation Quotes of the Day – May 20, 2012

“Change is the law of life and those who only look to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”

– Irving Janus

“Organizations seeking to create a culture of continuous innovation must realize that the transformation will not happen overnight. People can only absorb so much change at once. The transformation will likely have to be broken up into separate phases with discreet goals (don’t try to do it all at once).”

– Braden Kelley

“Industry revolutionaries take the entire business concept, rather than a product or service, as the starting point for innovation. Revolutionaries recognize that competition is no longer between products or services, it’s between business concepts – when its most effective business concept innovation leaves competitors in a gut-wrenching quandry.”

– Gary Hamel

What are some of your favorite innovation quotes?

Add one or more to the comments, listing the quote and who said it, and I’ll share the best of the submissions as future innovation quotes of the day!

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