12 Reasons to Write Your Own Letter of Recommendation

12 Reasons to Write Your Own Letter of Recommendation

GUEST POST from Arlen Meyers, M.D.

Are you stuck? The first step in making a career change is self reflection.

One way to describe yourself and your transferable skills and what you have in mind for the future is to write your own letter of recommendation instead of asking me to do it.

Here are some tips on how to do it. But, why should you do it?

  1. It saves me the trouble of doing it
  2. You know yourself a whole lot better than I do
  3. It makes you think about why somone would want to hire you
  4. It gives you some ideas about where your blind spots and skills gaps are once you have read the job description of a potential job
  5. You will do a much better job than I would
  6. It will give you the chance to use key words that will drive AI resume scanners
  7. You can link to your personal website and other online social media sites that I don’t know about
  8. You can delete social media posts and sites that are not flattering
  9. It will force you to buff up your resume and coordinate it with your Linked profile for a particular job
  10. You can use if for a personal statement, even if they are falling out of favor and a waste of time
  11. It is another way to be kind to yourself and cultivate your inner advocate
  12. It will help you get over your imposter syndrome and tell people about all those transferable skills you have

If you are taking the long view, then write your own obituary. If that’s too heavy a lift at your stage of the game, then just write you own letter of recommendation before you have to request one and ask someone you know, like and trust to send it for you at the appropriate time. I heartily recommend it.

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