Changing Mindsets: How to Take a Creative Approach to Business Challenges

Changing Mindsets: How to Take a Creative Approach to Business Challenges

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Businesses of all sizes are constantly presented with a range of unique challenges that can disrupt operations, stretch resources, and inhibit growth. To successfully navigate these challenges and put a business on an upward trajectory, leaders need to employ creative problem-solving tactics and be willing to change their mindset. By taking a new approach to business challenges, leaders can find new solutions and put businesses on a path to success.

Case Study 1 – Zomato

One of the best ways to embrace a creative approach to problem-solving is by exploring examples from other businesses that have encountered similar challenges. For instance, Zomato, a New Delhi based restaurant search and delivery service, encountered a significant challenge when it was unable to offer delivery services to certain areas because of a lack of resources. Despite this obstacle, the company was able to think outside the box and find a solution from an unlikely source – a network of independent delivery people. By leveraging this new resource, Zomato was able to deliver food to locations it previously had no access to.

Case Study 2 – Shinola

Another example of a company that successfully adopted a creative approach to problem-solving is Shinola, the upscale Detroit-based watch manufacturer. The brand faced a significant challenge when it needed to scale up production to meet the high demand for its products. Instead of outsourcing production, the company chose to create a highly skilled and trained workforce from the local population. Not only did this strategy allow Shinola to increase its production capacity, but it also helped the local Detroit economy and provided long-term employment opportunities for residents.


These examples demonstrate the importance of adopting creative problem-solving tactics and the value of taking a new approach to business challenges. By looking beyond traditional solutions and exploring different sources, leaders can find the answers they need to take their business to the next level.

Too often, businesses find themselves stuck in traditional and outdated approaches to problem-solving. To successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape of business, leaders need to be open to examining new solutions and embracing the concept of change. Innovation and creativity are key ingredients for success. By speaking to a variety of experts, looking at successful examples from other businesses, and embracing creative problem-solving tactics, leaders can take their business to new heights.

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“The Problem Finding Canvas should help you investigate a handful of areas to explore, choose the one most important to you, extract all of the potential challenges and opportunities and choose one to prioritize.”

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