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Buy the Change Planning Toolkit™ NowNow you can buy the Change Planning Toolkit™ – Individual Bronze License here on this web site at a special bundle price to celebrate the book launch.

Charting Change - Order NowRespected business book publisher Palgrave Macmillan has published the hardcover and Kindle versions of my book (Charting Change™) and a traditional eBook is also now available.

UPDATE: If you have already purchased the book and are looking to access the supporting material, please contact me with your proof of purchase and I’ll send you the file.

I’ve created a lot of great new intellectual property including a new Change Planning Canvas™ to go into the book and into a new Change Planning Toolkit™ that is now available to make your change planning efforts more visual and collaborative, and to help you get everyone literally all on the same page for change. The toolkit has been created to help organizations:

    Buy the Change Planning Toolkit™ Now

  1. Beat the 70% failure rate for change programs
  2. Quickly visualize, plan and execute change efforts
  3. Deliver projects and change efforts on time
  4. Accelerate implementation and adoption
  5. Get valuable tools for a low investment

Learning how to use the Change Planning Toolkit™ will create great opportunities for:

  • Organizations to build a continuous change capability
  • Consulting companies to increase revenue while achieving better client outcomes
  • Education companies to build new organizational change course offerings

Get 10 Free Tools from the Change Planning Toolkit™STEP 1 — Get Your 10 Free Downloads
Get a taste of some of the frameworks, worksheets and other tools in the Change Planning Toolkit™ by downloading 10 Free Change Planning Tools (including QuickStart Guide sample content).

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Get the Change Planning Toolkit™ – Basic License for only $30 (a $500 value), which includes 26 of the 50+ tools and a digital version of the book Charting Change. Or buy the book first from your favorite retailer and contact me for your complimentary Basic License.

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Get the Change Planning Toolkit™ – Individual Bronze License for only $399.99 $129.99 — (a $1,200 value) here on this web site (includes the Change Planning Canvas™, a QuickStart Guide, and 50+ other tools) PLUS a digital version of the book Charting Change.

Get all 50+ tools in the Change Planning Toolkit™Step 4 — Get access for all your employees or residents
Commercial site licenses and city/state/country licenses are an affordable way to accelerate change on a massive scale. Contact me to get access to the QuickStart Guide and all 50+ tools in the toolkit, including poster size versions of select tools, for everyone in your organization or region.

Change Planning Toolkit Levels and Free Tools

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Get a Free* Change Planning Toolkit Site LicenseI believe so much in the power of the Change Planning Toolkit™ that I am willing to offer a free* site license to the next three (3) firms to purchase a Change Planning Toolkit™ training session (which includes train-the-trainer).

For large companies like IBM, Accenture, Amazon, GE, Wells Fargo, Cognizant, HP Enterprise, Convergys, Oracle, or Microsoft, a free* site license represents a savings of up to $830,000 on tools with a value of nearly $500 million for a nominal investment in one day of training.

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