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Change Planning Toolkit™ Educational License

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A $1,230.00 value at a special post-launch price of $129.99!
(includes ordering you a digital copy of Charting Change)

Purchase this Change Planning Toolkit™ Educational License for a special introductory price of $129.99 and I will:

  1. Order you a copy of the digital version of Charting Change (a $30.00 value)
  2. Grant you instant access to the Change Planning Toolkit™ Bronze License download for individual educational purposes only of all 50+ tools
    • This includes an 11″x17″ copy of the Change Planning Canvas™
    • You’ll need a commercial license to get the poster size (35″ x 56″ version)

  3. Grant you instant access to the QuickStart Guide which will help explain how to use each of the 50+ tools

The Change Planning Toolkit™ is introduced in the book Charting Change from Palgrave Macmillan, and is designed to help organizations:

  • Beat the 70% failure rate for change efforts
  • Quickly visualize, plan and execute change efforts
  • Deliver more projects and change efforts on-time
  • Accelerate implementation and adoption
  • Get incredibly valuable tools for a small investment

This educational license includes all 50+ frameworks, worksheets, and other tools (including the Change Planning Canvas™) in a 11″x17″ downloadable PDF format.

To get access to poster size versions (35″x56″) of these tools, please contact me about upgrading to an affordable commercial license.

A partial list of the Change Planning Toolkit™ contents:

  • Change Planning Canvas™
  • The Five Keys to Successful Change
  • Architecting the Organization for Change
  • Flow of Change Model v1.5 Worksheet
  • Eight Principles of Continued Change Success
  • Current State Worksheet
  • Desired State Worksheet
  • Change Drivers Worksheet
  • PCC Change Readiness Framework
  • Change Readiness Worksheet (prerequisites)
  • PCC Change Readiness Worksheet
  • Five Change Reactions Worksheet
  • People Worksheet
  • Benefits Worksheet
  • Change Readiness Worksheet (prerequisites)
  • The Eleven Change Roles™
  • The Eleven Change Roles™ Worksheet
  • Overcoming Resistance Worksheet
  • Agile Change Management Kanban
  • Innovation Planning Canvas™
  • Organizational Agility Worksheet
  • And much, MUCH more…

It is also important to note that there are two other ways available to either learn how to use the Change Planning Toolkit™ to improve project success and change effectiveness within your organization:

  1. You can book a Private Event to train your organization’s change leadership, management, and planning teams
  2. You can host a Public Workshop in your city & get up to two free admissions, a 10-40% commission and more (20 paid admissions minimum)

Please contact me if you are interested in either of these event opportunities.

People seeking to use any of this intellectual property for professional or commercial purposes will want to contact me about purchasing an affordable commercial license.

NOTE: If you live in the United States and would prefer to receive a hardcover version of the book instead of the digital version, please send me a note in the order notes field during checkout and I’ll email you a confirmation.


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