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First Interview about ‘Charting Change’

I was lucky enough to (a) get Tanveer Nasser to contribute some thought leadership to my new book Charting Change (launching March 9, 2016!) and (b) to be a guest recently on his leadership podcast. Here is a quick snippet … Continue reading

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Digital Transformation versus Digital Strategy

In my last article, Digital Transformation Matters, we looked at the accelerating pace of change, the case for digital transformation, and our evolving interactions with technology. We also asked a simple question: Are you ready to do business in a … Continue reading

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Increasing Organizational Agility

Companies seeking to cope with the pace of accelerating change are looking for ways to go faster, and managers in non-technical disciplines have become increasingly infatuated with the Agile Software Development methodology and many are finding ways to adapt parts … Continue reading

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‘Charting Change’ Now Launching on March 9th

To supporters of my first book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire and my latest book Charting Change, I am sad to say that the launch date for my new book, designed to make change less overwhelming and more human, has moved … Continue reading

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Digital Transformation Matters

The pace of change is accelerating. Much has changed since we all started to dial in with our modems and connect to online services like America Online or Compuserve and eventually directly onto the Internet and the World Wide Web. … Continue reading

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Standardizing Change

In The Five Keys to Successful Change I highlight five key areas for organizations to focus on if they are serious about building a strong, sustainable capability in organizational change, including: Change Planning Change Leadership Change Management Change Maintenance Change … Continue reading

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