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Will Aereo strike the Death Knell of Cable Television?

Somewhere across the vast reaches of social media (I can’t remember where) I came across a small but growing internet television service called Aereo that allows you to stream live television over the internet on any device or even to … Continue reading

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Is Windows Phone a Serious Competitor to iPhone and Android?

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to receive a shiny new Nokia Lumia 810 in the mail courtesy of Nokia USA. This was very welcome because I’ve been subjected to what I can only describe as a technology … Continue reading

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Accelerating Innovation Requires Accelerating Knowledge and Insight

Okay, I admit it, I came across the History Channel’s series Ancient Aliens recently and I’m intrigued, mostly because it is fascinating (and frightening) to me how long it takes to develop true knowledge and insight, but how quickly it … Continue reading

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