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It’s always fun to give away free stuff, so I decided to have a page that keeps all of it in one place. Of course I hope you buy a copy of the book, but in the meantime please check out the free stuff:

Video Interviews

We have already done more than a dozen video interviews with thought leaders and innovators – see them here.

Free Sample Chapter

Download 'Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire' sample chapterAs promised, I would like to give you all a free sample chapter from my new book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire to thank you for following and supporting my contributions to the innovation community. I hope you enjoy the sample chapter and consider purchasing the book as a way of supporting my future writing efforts.

Download the sample chapter

Book Excerpts

Innovation Audit

Innovation AuditI promised in Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire that I would post my 50 question innovation audit on this web site, and so here it is. The chapter health checks are still in development and will be posted here soon. I hope you find this innovation audit of use, and I thank you for buying the book!

Download the innovation audit

The Nine Innovation Roles Slideshare Presentation and Worksheet

I truly believe in the power of the Nine Innovation Roles, and because of this belief I’ve created and uploaded a simple worksheet for people to use. I only ask one thing in return from those who download and use the worksheet is that you send me your aggregate data so that I can collate it together with the data from others for a future article on the distribution of tendencies. Also, there is a set of Nine Innovation Roles playing cards and exercises in the works. Stay tuned!

Chapter Health Checks

Coming soon!