Why do you prize exploration?

It is by exploring the frontiers of our natural world that we challenge ourselves and discover new knowledge and wonders that will benefit us all. If you are an explorer, Shell and the X PRIZE Foundation want to know why you do it and the meaning and impact of your exploration. They invite you to create a video that expresses your passions and illustrates your pursuits. Please join the X PRIZE Foundation as they delve deeper into the mysteries and beauty of our world and our universe. Upload your video and inspire us; why do you prize exploration?

The X PRIZE Foundation wants to spread the word about the importance of exploration in today’s world. As humanity faces an increasing number of challenges, it has become increasingly important to explore the boundaries of our knowledge, and to uncover innovative new ways of thinking about our planet and ourselves.

Shell and the X PRIZE Foundation invite you to upload a video about why you prize exploration. What drives you? Where do you explore? What do you hope to achieve?

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